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Free framework for safe enterprise GenAI adoption

Introducing the first-ever enterprise risk framework for generative AI (GenAI), providing a detailed guide to help companies of all sizes move into responsible GenAI adoption.

Built in collaboration with over 1,000 business leaders, academics, and industry bodies, the GenAI Governance Framework is customizable new tool enabling organizations to safely adopt GenAI while seamlessly integrating with their Enterprise Risk Management program, unique objectives, and risk tolerance.

GenAI Governance Framework

Created in association with professors David A. Wood (Brigham Young University Marriott School), Scott Emett (Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business), and Marc Eulerich (University of Duisburg-Essen Mercator School of Management).


Introduction to the GenAI Governance Framework Webinar

July 11, 2024 | 8:45 AM PST

Join Connor Group’s Managing Partner, Jason Pikoos, to obtain an overview of the governance and its key components and steps to implement and drive tangible actions with the framework.

Best of all, this webinar is completely free.

The most compelling AI use cases

GenAI Use Cases

Powerful automation driven by sophisticated language models and generative tools able to handle ambiguous and varied unstructured data with very high accuracy.

GenAI is a very new technology, while the above are common Accounting use cases, additional use cases are continuously emerging.

ML Use Cases

Proactive data-driven actions and decisions, enhancing revenue growth, cost reduction, and improving controls and compliance.

The state of AI adoption in finance

Procure to Pay (P2P)
Financial Close
Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
Financial Reporting & Analytics
Hire to Pay (H2P)
Opportunity to Cash (O2C) and Revenue
Treasury/Cash Management
Internal Audit, Compliance and SOX
Inventory and COGS

Percentage of Respondents
Not Applicable
No AI Tools Planned
Plan to Implement AI Tools
Currently Implementing AI Tools
Already Implemented AI Tools

If you’re curious about what's really happening with AI adoption in finance and’s the big reveal from 100+ CFOs and senior leaders.

Connor Group surveyed high-growth companies across a diverse range of industries, from startups to conglomerates with revenues over $1BN.

Contrary to expectations, the top AI adoption targets are analytical processes. 44% of participants are eyeing financial reporting and analytics, while 38% are looking towards FP&A. Manual processes with compelling use cases like Order to Cash, HR, Payroll, and compliance seem to be on the back burner, both in current adoption and future plans.

Escape from Spreadsheet Hell

Your D2C revenue reporting shouldn’t be messy or painful. From e-commerce to subscriptions to personalized products, D2C brands embrace varying products, sales models, channels, and payment methods. Those who try to understand and reconcile sales and cash from the Apple Store know. We built the solution, complete with automation of all inputs, data harmony, clean audit trails, and proactive flags for possible issues.


AI Thought Leaders

Meet our AI thought leaders pioneering industry transformation and accelerating professional learning curves.

Jason Pikoos

Managing Partner, Client Experience


As Managing Partner, Client Experience at Connor Group, Jason is responsible for world-class client experiences and the Technology and Innovation organization, where he also spearheads automation and AI-powered solutions. With an extensive track record spanning over two decades in accounting, operations, and technology, his expertise lies in catalyzing business transformation, crafting technology strategies, and harnessing automation for scalability and expansion. Jason plays a pivotal role as a strategic and trusted partner for finance and IT leaders, including CFOs and CIOs, supporting them in their pursuit of strategic business objectives.

He has provided guidance to more than 50 companies as they navigated their way through their IPO, assisting them in the establishment of the essential infrastructure, processes, governance, technology, and data/analytics capabilities required for effective operation as publicly traded entities. His cross-functional work spans finance, accounting, operations, and technology realms, harmonizing restlources to drive the realization of business goals. Jason is adept at understanding a client's specific needs and the practical implications of each decision, something he believes is paramount in successfully utilizing software and deploying technology implementations that work in everyday practice.

LinkedIn IconConnect With Jason
Roxanne Brady

Partner, National Digital Solutions Leader


Roxanne is a Partner and the National leader for Connor Group’s Digital Solutions service line with over two decades of experience in Silicon Valley working with technology companies. Before joining Connor Group, she held leadership roles in finance across various industries, including the Internet, software, biotechnology, and manufacturing, serving as a controller, VP of Finance, CAO, and CFO.

Each of these experiences in fast-paced, high-growth environments, including a successful IPO, provided invaluable perspective. As the leader of Digital Solutions, Roxanne manages client engagements aimed at optimizing finance systems, from CRM to ERP to revenue automation, incorporating an ever-increasing number of generative AI tools. She is a licensed CPA

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Markham Bennett

Partner, National Digital Solutions Market Leader


As one of the original co-founding members of Connor Group, Markham was driven by a commitment to address the distinct challenges that CFOs in high-growth companies face. Throughout this journey, he has had the privilege of collaborating with over 1,300 high-growth clients, including more than 240 successful IPOs. Among this list are industry leaders such as Spotify, Palantir, Coupa, Uber, Lyft, Facebook, Tesla, Snap, Stitch Fix, and Duolingo.

Serving as the current National Digital Solutions Market Leader, Markham is dedicated to helping high-growth companies identify the optimal software solutions and connect with accounting and technology experts who can deliver the results they need. He is the driving force behind the growing list of strategic partnerships between Connor Group and AI leaders in the finance and accounting space.

Lauren Bowe

Partner, Automation & Analytics Leader


As a Partner and Automation & Analytics Leader at Connor Group, Lauren plays a pivotal role in the technology enablement of finance and operation functions for clients. Her wealth of experience encompassing business process improvement, technology, data architecture, analytics, and accounting is the foundation for her role as a strategic advisor and experienced implementation partner.

Lauren has a proven track record of supporting finance and technology executives in fast-paced, high-growth environments to achieve their growth and scalability goals, including the transition to a public company environment. Deep cross-functional knowledge has positioned her as a thought leader in finance automation, innovation, and AI.

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AI Events & Resources

We're helping busy leaders and growing companies gain the insights they need to win with AI. Join us and continue learning.

Thought Leadership

AI Unleashed: A CFO's Guide to Unlocking its Potential

As you initiate or expand your AI adventure, you must prioritize crafting an informed AI strategy. This article will provide a guide on how to navigate the rapidly approaching AI transformation.

Thought Leadership

AI Perspective: A CFO's Framework for AI Strategy

As you consider the profound implications AI will have on your finance function, Explore the 5-step blueprint for CFOs to architect an AI strategy for the finance function.

Thought Leadership

Current and Future AI Use-Cases for Finance and Accounting

AI is transforming from a mere option to an essential competitive advantage. This article explores some current and future use cases for AI in finance, accounting, and operations, shedding light on how it is reshaping our world.

Thought Leadership

Exploring AI Technology Types

The world of AI will continue to expand as new technologies come to market. Explore the anticipated rise of three predominant types of 3rd party AI applications: Purpose-built AI technology, Embedded AI, and AI Platforms.

Thought Leadership

AI Risk Management: New Risks for the CFO

As AI becomes more embedded in financial operations, CFOs must navigate a unique set of AI risks. This article delves into the topic of risk management with a focus on several emerging GenAI risks.

Thought Leadership

AI Readiness: Navigating the AI Revolution

AI is set to bring significant changes to the evolving role of the CFO. Explore what CFOs should focus on to fully harness the capabilities of AI and remain competitive in a complex, data-centric business environment.


ACS Financial Accounting & Reporting Update | GenAI

June 17th | 11:40 AM PST

Connor Group will speak at the Financial Accounting & Reporting CPE Update. Jason Pikoos will discuss GenAI use cases in accounting and Finance and will touch on the following topics: Define key AI terms , Demystifying the different forms of AI, Practical use-cases today, Exciting use-cases for tomorrow, Strategies for approach AI adoption.

Jason Pikoos, Managing Partner
Connor Group


Introduction to the GenAI Governance Framework | IMA Webinar

July 31st | 1:00 PM EST

Connor Group's Jason Pikoos and BYU's David Wood come together to provide a foundational understanding of AI in accounting, covering key concepts, applications, and tools that are transforming the profession.

Jason Pikoos, Managing Partner
Connor Group

David Wood, Glenn D.Ardis Professor

Thought Leadership

Weekly Insights on AI and Automation

Follow for weekly posts from Jason Pikoos offering practical insights on AI and automation adoption, including emerging best practices, pitfalls, and tools for getting started.

AI & Automation Services

For high growth companies, we are the experts in digital solutions, like leading accounting and finance-specific AI and automation software, tailored to your needs.



System Administration

Extensive Third-Party SaaS Solutions
Custom Technology Solutions (including coding)
Data Warehousing and Analytics
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AI & Automation Partnerships

We partner with other like-minded companies to focus on building the future of finance and accounting through events, research, development, and commercial partnerships.

Connor Group can provide strategic recommendations for your AI opportunities and full implementation services for these partners and many others.

About Connor Group

Connor Group is a specialized professional services firm of Big 4 alumni and industry executives. Our team of highly experienced professionals helps financial executives with their most complex and significant matters, including financial accounting and operations, IPO and M&A services, digital solutions, and managed services. Our clients are the world’s top growth companies and we support them as they change the world and create new markets!

Our client portfolio includes multi-billion-dollar public, mid-cap public, and pre-IPO companies ranging from early stage to late stage. Our global clients represent the most exciting industries including high tech, Internet, social networking, gaming, software, ad tech, cleantech, life sciences, financial services, consumer products, biotech, services, and manufacturing.

Our goal at Connor Group is to be the most respected firm across our service lines by delivering the highest quality services to our clients. We are hired by finance and accounting executives who understand the importance of leveraging their time as well as having a partner that can successfully execute their needs

A history of leading through change

Connor Group has led the way forward at every major change in finance and accounting since 2006.

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Multi-element revenue guidance, ASC 326, ASC 606, ASC 842, and ESG implementation expertise

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380+ automation projects with market leaders and market disruptors

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We develop a deep understanding of new standards to lead out in implementing them practically

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